We’ve got a new address! Why should you care? Well, here are a couple reasons we opted to move from our physical address to a PO Box:


I don’t want to be a worry wart, but I am very aware of the threat of identity theft. Instead of wondering if we are being cautious enough, our mail is delivered directly to our Post Office Box  and it sits behind lock and key until we retrieve it. Once we pick up our mail, we log in each piece and send you an email notice that says 1) your mail has been received and 2) the contents of your mail. We want to make sure there is a record of each item that is sent in. If you are ever scratching your head, wondering if you sent in that super important document, all you have to do is check  your inbox. Look for the Email Title: Notice: Mail Received on <DATE>. After that point we will scan your files into your SmartVault and update your Quickbooks File.

Fast Delivery

Mail delivered to a Post Office Box typically gets delivered faster to the box than to a residential or business address. There is no waiting for the postman to drop mail at our office. This is great when you want to send something in a hurry and don’t have access to a scanner or fax machine.

In addition to our new address we will be unveiling another new feature very soon. We will provide Postage Paid Envelopes to our clients to allow one more convenient way to deliver important documents to Accountingprose. Each client will be given Tyvek envelopes to fill with receipts, statements and correspondence. No need to sort , scan or fax your documents. All you have to do is fill the envelope and place it in the mail. The postage is on us!

Thanks for tuning in!

Cristina Garza


o: 480-359-6149 || f: 866-611-6989