Ok, the title is really deceiving. I haven’t bought a zoo and as far as I know, no one else in my office has bought a zoo… yet. However, I did just come back from taking my 10 year old son to the movies and this was the movie of his choice.

What does this have to do with bookkeeping? Well I will tell you what this has to do with it. There was one scene in the entire movie that captured my attention. The bookkeeper, Rhonda, has gathered all of the employees in the office for an impromptu meeting. She says very bluntly, “Benjamin Mee (the zoo purchaser and star of the movie) is out of money. No one is going to get paid, he is a liar and a fraud. This zoo is going out of business and we are all out of work.” Essentially, she has broken the first rule of bookkeeping. Confidentiality. As the bookkeeper, she has the obligation to keep all financial matters private. After announcing this to the staff, Mee swoops in with an announcement of obtaining additional funds to keep the zoo going. When he learns of Rhonda’s breach of trust he promptly fires her. ┬áThis is, of course, the best decision he will make as a business owner.

As the bookkeeper we can offer our advice on how to move forward. How would we react if we see that your bank balances are low, payments to creditors are due, but you will be collecting on accounts receivable shortly? Well, we may advise you to take a short term loan against a line of credit to keep the business afloat. We may help you to collect against slow paying clients. Heck, we might even offer an extension on our bill to keep you going. We will not, however, make this blip in your business a public matter. We will not whisper to your suppliers that cash is low or make casual remarks to your employees. I know as much as any other small business owner knows, some months are lean. Some clients are slow to pay. There may even be a few sleepness nights- especially as a startup. However, you should always rest easy knowing that your bookkeeper can be trusted to keep private matters private.

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