One of the biggest hurdles to overcome when speaking with new clients is the dreaded “money talk”. Since the beginning, I have charged an hourly rate. In this rate I include things like Cloud Hosted Quickbooks, SmartVault Document Management and Business Reply Mailers. I know that as a consumer I don’t like little fees tacked on for a product or service. I run my business with total transparency. After a while I had begun to realize that having a competitive hourly rate is great but having a fixed rate for ongoing service is even better.
So I introduce to you our fixed rate schedule:

This means that you know up front what your ongoing monthly bookkeeping costs are. There is never a discussion about tracking time and unless you need a more robust version of Quickbooks or added Log-Ins, there are no additional ongoing fees.

For our clients who require historical write up service (e.g.- you haven’t kept the company files current for months or years) we will quote a flat rate to get you ¬†updated and then you will be transitioned into one of the above flat rates.

We try to make it super simple to work with us and hope that you enjoy this change as much as we do.

Cristina Garza | Chief Number Cruncher


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