Facebook and Twitter are blowing up with posts that warn of the impending tax deadline. I keep seeing things like:

Have you done your taxes? Don’t forget to check out the latest tax deals and info….

Can’t file by the April 17 #deadline? Learn about filing an #extension for your #tax return…


Tips for filing your #tax return on time….

It seems like a lot of excitement over a deadline that we all know is coming when the new year begins. As a small business owner it is a terrible idea to wait until the last minute to do your taxes. While I think it is important to file and pay your taxes, that is secondary. My concern is that you are not tracking your business throughout the year. If you have to scramble at the last moment to pull everything together, how are you able to track your progress throughout the year? What information are you using to make great decisions about the future of your company?

I realize that small business owners are stretched to the max. You got into business because you are great at providing a service or you offer a phenomenal product. You may have jumped into a new business and not even known a thing about accounting. So, should a lack of time or understanding keep you from using your numbers to your advantage? No! You should find a bookkeeper and accountant that you trust and make them  a part of your team. This is just like bring in a team to develop a product, graphic designers to make your product sparkle and attorneys to deal with legal matters. You should have a well rounded team who can bring everything together for you. Your job as a business owner is to be the visionary and  the rainmaker. You didn’t get into your business to stay up late on April 16th to crunch numbers.

Accountingprose is here to help get your information off of spreadsheets and post it notes and into robust accounting software. We are here to help grow your business and make month end and year end fun. We will work with your CPA or can recommend a CPA to get your taxes done effortlessly.

Give us a call. It never too late to make a positive change in how you run your business. Make Accountingprose a part of your team today.

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