In an effort to convince the universe that Quickbooks is the perfect scalable solution for most small businesses I am going to offer a series of blog posts which explain features/benefits and offer tips/tricks. As a bookkeeping and payroll professional I think that I should let my clients know what will help them create a clean set of books without spending a lot of time struggling with new software.  I am convinced that their options are so great that I am offering these posts without any sponsorship from Quickbooks.

When a new business starts out the owner may feel overwhelmed with the options available to them. In fact, Quickbooks offers three online accounting programs several desktop programs  and even add on services to help the new business owner. However it isn’t always so simple choosing which option is right for your business.

There are different kinds of business owners and each business owner should consider what their needs are. One business owner may have taken over an existing business with a lot of clients, vendors and pending bills. One may be a franchisee, starting out with employees and inventory stock. Finally, another may be building their empire from the ground up. This person might have no employees, may just offer services and tracks bills by flipping through the small stack on their desk. This client- the one that is just starting out- is perfect for Quickbooks Simple Start.

Simple Start offers the business owner a way to start tracking their company finances correctly, without having to navigate through Excel Spreadsheets and post it notes. While it doesn’t offer features like inventory tracking, time tracking or online banking it does help to keep finances in one convenient place.

Here are a few key features:

1.Auto Updates – Quickbooks automatically updates Quickbooks Online so there are never any manual updates to make.

  1. Mobile App– Check who owes you money, send an invoice on the road.
  1. Intuit Support– Free email support, which is great when you need easy access to an expert and don’t want to wade through Quickbooks Help Forums.
  1. Upgradable– When your business expands, so can your product. You can choose to upgrade your product at any time.
  1. Reporting– Reporting is super simple through Simple Start. You or your bookkeeper can easily generate a Profit and Loss, Balance Sheet or Aging Report. No need to manually make reports in Excel anymore, just a few clicks and you are done.

6. Free Accountant Access– Even though Simple Start only offers access to one user, your accountant can be added at no charge. This is great for end of month adjustments and even daily entries.

Also, I should mention that if your Bookkeeper is an Intuit ProAdvisor (I am!) they can extend a 20% discount which can be applied monthly or yearly, depending on which pay schedule you use. Not only do you get a great product, you get it a price that even a startup can afford.

Check out this Simple Start Guide and let me know how I can help you on your path to financial bliss.

Cristina Garza


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