Business is booming, you are starting to get a few more bills and even more customers. Life is good! When you you find that Simple Start is no longer the solution you need, it is time to consider an upgrade. The next level of Quickbooks Online is Online Essentials.

Here are a few key features:

  1. Bill Management– You can begin tracking your vendors and paying bills. Your payments will flow into your financial statements like magic!

     2.Online Banking- You can link up with your bank account online, add the bank in your Chart of Accounts, download transactions and match/add transactions. You can choose what level of automation you would like as well. At first it is probably good to have the least amount of automation and gradually become more automated as you become more comfortable with the process.

  1. Intuit Support– Your support is bumped from just email to also include chat and call back support. This is great when you need easy access to an expert and don’t want to wade through Quickbooks Help Forums.
  1. Create Estimates– This feature is great if you have customers who would like to approve your estimate prior to completing the work. Quickbooks Online will show you what estimates are pending/approved/denied, so you always know where they are in the decision making process. There is no progress billing in Quickbooks online so the Estimate will have to be transitioned into an Invoice in total.
  1. Recurred Billing/Sales Receipts– This is a great feature to employ when you have customers who make the same payment each month for subscription services, rent payments, memberships. It makes life much easier and super automated.
  1. Free Accountant Access– Even though Simple Start only offers access to one user, your accountant can be added at no charge. This is great for end of month adjustments and even daily entries.

When you ready to make the jump to Online Essentials just click the Upgrade button after you log in and away you go!

Don’t forget that if your Bookkeeper is an Intuit ProAdvisor (I am!) they can extend a 20% discount which can be applied monthly or yearly, depending on which pay schedule you use. Not only do you get a great product, you get it a price that even a startup can afford.

Cristina Garza


o: 480-359-6149 || f: 866-611-6989