Quickbooks for Mac has been notoriously behind the times, mostly because the market has been so small that Intuit has focused their efforts on the Windows market. Those looking for robust functionality have used the Windows version either through a Windows computer or through parallel software.

Well, it looks like Intuit has begun to do some upgrades for the Mac version, making it more useful for this market. Check out what is new for 2012:

  • Progress Invoicing
  • Batch online banking transactions instead of entering them one at a time
  • Re-designed Invoice forms with more room for custom information
  • Default accounts for banking
  • Double-click to open a memorized transaction in the list
  • Ability to clear splits in checks and bills
  • Next/Previous button on journal entries
  • New keyboard shortcuts and “right-click” menus

The new progress invoicing function is very exciting for those in the construction trade, as this is something often used with large projects. In the past those using the Mac product have had to track ongoing projects in a spreadsheet or third party software. This is a great addition.


It appears that this software is catching up with the Windows version but hasn’t quite made it. The Windows version boasts a new calendar view of Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable, a new lead center, Quickbooks reports created by other users, and excel worksheet formatting- all great additions to a great product.

Cristina Garza


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