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Whether you are an attorney, creative agency, marketing firm, SEO guru, or consultant- we get you. We understand what it takes to run a successful, well-oiled professional services machine and we can help! Let us manage your day-to-day bookkeeping and payroll, so you can get back to serving your clients.

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Small Business Payroll Services | AccountingProse | Denver, Colorado and Phoenix, Arizona

Here are a few things the Small Business Superheroes at Accountingprose can do for you:

  • Professional, GAAP compliant accounting- Being in the professional services industry can sometimes result in tricky invoicing. That’s nothing to worry about! Accountingprose can track and bill against retainers, recur monthly invoices, bill back time and expenses, and help you connect your payment services so you can get paid even faster.
  • Accounts Payable- Need help managing expenses and vendor payments? We employ to set up your Accounts Payable workflows to take the pressure off of you, add additional layers of fraud protection, and keep your vendors happy.
  • Detailed and Visual Processes- Part of becoming a well-oiled machine is streamlining your processes. It’s never a good sign if all your accounting processes live in your head. Let’s get those well documented, so that you can step away from the business and trust your daily operations will run smoothly.
  • Financial Analysis- Need help understanding the health of your business? Our timely and customizable financials will allow us to get as granular as you need. Do you need to track your income and expenses by job or client? Let’s work together to create custom financials that tell the story of your business.
  • Attorneys love us!- We can help you and your partners sleep better at night by handling the cumbersome and time consuming three-way trust account reconciliation, keeping you in compliance with the Local and American Bar Association rules.
  • Dedicated Accountant- Once we get started, you will be assigned to one dedicated (human) accountant who truly understands you and your business- not an accounting robot. Your accountant will handle the number crunching, so you can get back to doing your best work.


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Do you want to take your professional services firm to the next level? Find out why the best of the best hire Accountingprose by booking a free consultation today.

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