Cristina Garza | Small Business Accountant and Chief Number Cruncher



Cristina Garza || Founder, Chief Number Cruncher

Cristina has had the great fortune to hone her nerdy craft over the last nine years as the Founder of Accountingprose and CannaComply, and brings her endless enthusiasm for small business to every interaction. When working with her small business clients she can’t help but think in terms of systemization and efficiency and will likely send them a color coded flow chart as a conversation follow up.

Cristina loves helping her clients and employees thrive, which ultimately creates a lasting impact on their local community and economy. She truly views every relationship as a partnership and recognizes that success, true success, is not a zero-sum game.

When Cristina is not knee deep in Accountingprose fun, she can be found speaking at conferences, skiing in the Rockies, or dancing at music festivals.


Kienan Almeida | Operations Manager


Kienan Almeida || Operations Manager 

Kienan is key member of the Accountingprose management team and is the glue that binds us. He is responsible for finding, training, and retaining our talented accountants- a challenge since we are ultimately looking for accounting unicorns! As a talented project manager, he makes sure that we keep our promises to our clients by developing a timeline to complete our projects and making sure we stick to them. Kienan can often be found working directly with our clients to be sure that they feel supported throughout every step of our process.

When Kienan isn’t controlling the chaos, he can be found tending to his rare plant collection and hiking in the desert.

Kristie Almeida | Small Business Accountant and Payroll Wizard


Kristie Almeida || Sr Controller

Kristie, a Political Science Major at the University of South Florida- Tampa, is an autodidact who absorbs information as quickly as it is given to her. She has worked through the ranks at Accountingprose, managing every aspect of our work. She can now be found developing internal trainings and coaching our superstar accountants as our Sr. Controller, so they can provide the best experience for our clients.

When she isn’t busy working, she can be found at the bar…. the Olympic Weightlifting bar. She is Crossfit Level One Trainer, outdoor enthusiast, traveler and exists almost entirely on carbs.

Ethan Cathey | Number Cruncher


Nich Bailey || Onboarding Guru

Nich graduated from the University of Colorado – Boulder with an M.S. and B.S. in Accounting and has been a CPA since 2012. Nich has been a public accountant for 8 years and worked with everything from multinational corporations to small start-ups. He absolutely loves working with small businesses because he enjoys getting to know the businesses and the people behind them.

Outside of accounting, Nich loves playing basketball and volleyball, traveling the world and going
to concerts and comedy shows.

Ethan Cathey | Number Cruncher


Ivy Calgaard || Onboarding Guru

Ivy, a German Language and Business Administration Major from Belmont University, has fine-tuned her small business and full-cycle accounting expertise over the last eight years in the field. As a life-long “neatnik,” her natural strengths in organization and efficiency compliment the skills she has built. Further, with over a decade of experience in client services, she has honed her ability to communicate productively, problem solve resourcefully, and create relationships that thrive.

In her downtime, you might find Ivy hooking it up with a crochet hook, a glass of red wine, and the softest cotton yarn she can find.

Ethan Cathey | Number Cruncher


Jacob Vissering || Onboarding Guru

Jacob graduated from Northern Arizona University with degrees in Accountancy and Hospitality Management. After school, he stayed true to both of his degrees by obtaining valuable work experience in hotel and restaurant accounting. After working with many small restaurant owner and operators Jacob realized his true passion was helping small business owners be successful. An insatiable hunger to learn more, Jacob joins the Accountingprose team to broaden his accounting knowledge and apply it to new and different industries.

When he isn’t working you’ll find him in the mountains hunting for fresh powder to snowboard or new rock faces to summit. If not outside he’ll be exploring concert venues, both grand and grungy. Of course, the next day you can usually find him buried in his couch, binging a new Netflix series, and recovering from his previous adventure.

Thomas Daniels | Small Business Accountant



Thomas Daniels || Number Cruncher

Thomas (aka Tommy) graduated with his B.A. in Accounting from Northern Arizona University. Tommy has worked in a myriad of industries and loves working with small business clientele. He takes the time to troubleshoot issues, trains clients, and makes sure they get the support that they deserve. His decision to join the Accountingprose team stemmed from his deep desire to provide accounting knowledge to the backbone of our economy – small businesses.

When Thomas is not crunching numbers he is playing basketball and golf, lifting weights, and tinkering with his newly-built computer.

Ethan Cathey | Number Cruncher


Ethan Cathey || Number Cruncher 

Ethan is a graduate of Colorado State University where he earned a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting and Business Administration. He got straight to work with a number of small businesses at a local CPA firm in Southwestern Colorado before moving to Portland, Oregon and coming in house as a part of the finance department at Digital Trends. He joined the Accountingprose team to take full advantage of the cutting edge advances in tech that are changing the accounting profession.

In his free time, Ethan fills all the Portland stereotypes with recreational eating, cheering on the Portland Timbers soccer team, and being insufferably snobbish about his beer.

Ethan Cathey | Number Cruncher


Kristi Mount || Number Cruncher

Kristi cut her teeth at Western Dakota Tech, learning the nuts and bolts of accounting and marketing- a unique combination! While boosting her skills in school, she worked with local small businesses in Rapid City, South Dakota to help them bring their brands to the masses and understand their financial performance. She recently moved to Phoenix, AZ to join Accountingprose, so that she could continue doing what she does best- creating new ways to find and help our clients with our awesome accounting and payroll services.

Outside of work, she enjoys trying to take her cat on walks, reading books, and painting happy trees and little fluffy clouds a la Bob Ross.

Ethan Cathey | Number Cruncher


Jordan Medina || Number Cruncher

Jordan has been living and breathing Xero throughout his entire career in accounting. Jordan is an expert in handling clients’ daily bookkeeping, and helping them understand their books so their business can succeed. When Jordan isn’t working he can be found boxing at his local boxing gym or hanging out with his wife and their new baby.

Ethan Cathey | Number Cruncher


Rebekah Michael || Number Cruncher

Rebekah earned a B.B.A. in Accounting and an M.B.A. from Morehead State University, and is a Certified Public Accountant in Kentucky with a track record of making clients feel at ease. She can tackle the tough stuff behind the scenes while you are making the magic happen in your business. As an auditor in public accounting, Rebekah was exposed to all levels of client expertise and a host of accounting software, accounting dilemmas, and fun challenges. As the CFO of a small government organization, she guided her staff through two audits, a software conversion, and a complete overhaul of finance policies and procedures.

Rebekah has two spirited children who keep her laughing. In her free time, you can find her covered in sawdust in her woodworking shop.

Ethan Cathey | Number Cruncher


Meagan Minneman || Number Cruncher

Meagan, after earning her B.S. and M.S. from Kansas State University in Apparel Marketing + Design, found her true calling in Accounting. Along with her software management and small business consultant background, she is excited to continue on her Accountant path at Accountingprose.

When she’s not nerding out in Excel, you can find her spending time with her husband, dog Baxter (Westie) and cat Olive (Cat), exploring the local restaurants and cocktail lounges of Kansas City, and traveling the Caribbean.

Ethan Cathey | Number Cruncher


Jordan Cass || Administrative Assistant

Originally from Southern California, Jordan has lived in Colorado since 2004 and earned his B.A. and M.A. at the University of Denver. He has held various analyst and administrative support roles in mortgage due diligence and higher education, though no job will ever equal the surreal atmosphere of his brief stint at Build-A-Bear Workshop. He likes to write, watch hockey, play broomball, play tennis, ski, and read. He lives with his girlfriend, his cat, and his dog (Anne Furkins) in Denver.

Ethan Cathey | Number Cruncher


Erin Spross || Administrative Assistant

Erin is an Admin Extraordinaire who has worked with a variety of small businesses in Texas and Colorado, and strives to provide the clerical support business owners need to succeed. She is determined to keep our clients organized so they can focus on the bigger picture.

When she’s not working she’s exploring the Rocky Mountains with her dog Butters and knitting enough sweaters to keep a small army warm.

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