Cristina Garza | Small Business Accountant and Chief Number Cruncher



Cristina Garza || Owner, Chief Number Cruncher

Cristina has built a spectacular book of business from the ground up and serves clients in a wide range of industries including technology startups, creative agencies, recreational and medical dispensaries, and professional service organizations. Her greatest achievement has been to build an awesome team of forward thinking accountants who care about the success of their clients.

Her mission with AccountingProse is to help small business owners take control over their finances. She empowers them by connecting their Xero account with spectacular add-ons that help make their business run efficiently.

When she is not working alongside her super star team, she can be found backpacking in the mountains or lifting all of the weights.

Certifications: Xero Certified Advisor, Quickbooks Pro Advisor

Katrina Martinez | Small Business Accountant



Katrina Martinez || Number Cruncher

Katrina is a graduate from Northern Arizona University where she obtained a B.A. in Accounting. While in school, she spent three years working for the National Park Service in Flagstaff where she served on the administrative team, mainly assisting with the annual budget and finances. When she wasn’t busy with school or works, she would walk the trails and try to learn as much as possible about the surrounding national monuments.

In her free time, Katrina is a Zumba Fitness instructor and loves to inspire others through exercise. She also enjoys exploring Phoenix and playing with her dogs, Mocha and Tink.

Certifications: Xero Certified Advisor

Kristie Almeida | Small Business Accountant and Payroll Wizard



Kristie Almeida || Number Cruncher, Payroll Wizard

Kristie, a Political Science Major at the University of South Florida- Tampa, is the newest member of our team. Kristie is an autodidact who absorbs information as quickly as it is given to her. She built the Enterprise Resource Planning software in her last position and is now dominating Xero accounting.

When she isn’t busy working, she can be found at the bar…. the Olympic Weightlifting bar. She is Crossfit Level One Trainer, outdoor enthusiast, traveler and exists entirely on carbs.

Certifications: Xero Certified Advisor

Thomas Daniels | Small Business Accountant



Thomas Daniels || Number Cruncher

Thomas graduated with his B.A. in Accounting from Northern Arizona University. He has first-hand experience working with small businesses as an in-house Accountant for JNG Holdings, LLC. His decision to join the Accountingprose team has stemmed from his desire to provide accounting knowledge to the backbone of our economy, small businesses.

When Thomas is not crunching numbers he is playing basketball and golf, lifting weights, and tinkering with his newly-built computer.

Certifications: Xero Certified Advisor

Kienan Almeida | Operations Manager

Kienan Almeida || Operations Manager 

Kienan is the glue that keeps the office together. He makes sure that we keep our promises to our clients, by developing a timeline to complete our projects and making sure we stick to them. Not only does he handle our project management, but he works directly with our clients to be sure that they feel supported throughout every step of our process. Every office needs someone like Kienan to control the chaos.

Kate Wong | Onboarding Guru

Kate Wong || Onboarding Guru 

Kate graduated with a Master’s in Accounting, and Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from the University of Southern California (Go Trojans!). Kate has accounting experience with both private and public companies in the hospitality and consumer products industry. She takes pride in being part of the Accountingprose team because she enjoys working with small businesses, and helping business owners achieve financial success.

Certifications: Xero Certified Advisor, Quickbooks ProAdvisor

Ethan Cathey | Number Cruncher

Ethan Cathey || Number Cruncher 

Ethan is a graduate of Colorado State University where he earned a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting and Business Administration. He got straight to work with a number of small businesses at a local CPA firm in Southwestern Colorado before moving to Portland, Oregon and coming in house as a part of the finance department at Digital Trends. He joined the Accountingprose team to take full advantage of the cutting edge advances in tech that are changing the accounting profession.

In his free time, Ethan fills all the Portland stereotypes with recreational eating, cheering on the Portland Timbers soccer team, and being insufferably snobbish about his beer.

Certifications: Xero Certified Advisor

Ethan Cathey | Number Cruncher

Kristi Mount || Brand Ambassador

Kristi cut her teeth at Western Dakota Tech, learning the nuts and bolts of accounting and marketing- a unique combination! While boosting her skills in school, she worked with local small businesses in Rapid City, South Dakota to help them bring their brands to the masses and understand their financial performance . She recently moved to Phoenix, AZ to join Accountingprose, so that she could continue doing what she does best- creating new ways to find and help our clients with our awesome accounting and payroll services.

Outside of work, she enjoys trying to take her cat on walks, reading books, and painting happy trees and little fluffy clouds a la Bob Ross.

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