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We may be Small Business Superheroes, but in our eyes, health and wellness providers are the real heroes! You’re out there every day, keeping your clients healthy so they can live their life to the fullest.

You wouldn’t expect us to take over teaching at the yoga studio, making adjustments in the chiropractic office, or racking weights at the gym; why should you have to manage the books? We’d be honored to join forces as your sidekick, keeping track of your bookkeeping and payroll for you so you can do what you do best and keep saving the day.

Partnering with Accountingprose lets you unlock your full potential by passing off the nitty gritty accounting details to a team you can trust; freeing up your time to take on more clients. We’ve spent a lot of time as health and wellness accountants and we’ve created a foolproof system to handle your finances with ease.

Health and Wellness Accounting From Accountingprose | Denver, Colorado and Phoenix, Arizona

Health and Wellness | AccountingProse | Denver and Phoenix

Small Business Payroll Services | Accountingprose | Denver, Colorado and Phoenix, Arizona

Here are a few things the Small Business Superheroes at Accountingprose can do for you:

  • Mindbody + Xero Integration – We know Mindbody and Xero inside and out and can get your software synced up in a snap!
  • Number Crunching – You didn’t start your business to stress about the numbers, let us flex our accounting muscles so you can get back to doing the fun stuff.
  • Payroll– Do you have employees with multiple pay rates? Do you pay by the class or service vs by the hour? We can handle the wildest payroll schedule and can keep you in compliance with the Department of Labor.
  • Accounts Payable- Are the bills stacking up on your desk? Let us clear the clutter and keep your vendors happy by managing bill pay.
  • Streamline and Document Processes- You can build a great lifting program and we can build amazing, visual workflows. Let the process nerds at Accountingprose help organize your day to day by getting your processes documented.
  • Dedicated Accounting Guru- To sweeten the deal, you get to work with one dedicated (human) accountant who truly understands you and your business- not an accounting robot. Your accountant will handle the number crunching, so you can get back to building your empire.


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We have handled the accounting and payroll for the best pilates studios, crossfit studios, barre studios, salons, and spas in the United States. Let’s work together and build a better tomorrow together!

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