If you are a manufacturer, wholesaler or if you manage a lot of fixed assets, you probably have the same complaint about Quickbooks. It just isn’t robust enough to handle your complicated needs. As a wholesaler with multiple warehouses, you want to know how many widgets you have in stock and you need to know where they are located. As a manufacturer, you may want to edit an assembly on the fly. If you handle many fixed assets, you are required to know where your assets are at all times.

I believe that Fishbowl Inventory will handle all of these issues with ease. Some key features include:

Multiple Location and Sub Location Tracking– 360 degree view of your inventory and fixed assets. This is great when you are handling a lot of items across multiple warehouses. You can track your inventory down to the bin.

Barcode Scanning– Effortless, no data entry order fulfillment.

Clean Sweep Order Fulfillment– Fishbowl will guide you through your warehouse in a quick and efficient manner. No running back and forth between aisles, wasting time.

Manufacturing Option Groups– Create custom assemblies on the fly. This feature actually made me smile from ear to ear.

Daisy Chain Several Bill of Materials– If you require multiple assemblies for your final product, this will act as your build guide.

UPS Integration– Accurately quote shipping for your customers. No more guessing or call backs.

Quickbooks Reconciliation– No need to enter data twice. At end of your day simply reconcile and all of your revenue and costs will post to your books.

True Cost Reporting– Apply shipping and handling at the time of item receipt  for more accurate financial statements.

Affordability– Only pay for the licenses you need.

Check out this video with additional highlights…


As a Quickbooks Pro Advisor it, at first, pained me to know that all of this functionality is not readily available in Quickbooks. However, after considering the “limitations” of the product, I also realize that Quickbooks is not one size fits all. It really is a base accounting program that allows you to customize it for your very specific business needs. If Quickbooks was built with this functionality it would be too robust for the average user and the cost would be multiplied ten-fold. So, integrating add-ons is the best way to create a custom fit product.

If you have a need for this type of functionality, I implore you to contact Fishbowl, get a customized demo and run a free trial for 14 days. You will see how Fishbowl will save you time, money and headaches. If you are not satisfied with their functionality, let me know. As your trusted advisor I will work directly with Fishbowl to find a solution that fits your needs. I only recommend products I genuinely think are useful for your business.

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