Imagine sitting at your desk, pressing the power button on your computer and nothing happens. After finally getting your computer to work you realize that you have a lost a lot of data. Most importantly, you have lost your Quickbooks Data File. You kick yourself, realizing that you haven’t done a backup in almost a year. You are now stuck with the task of rebuilding your Quickbooks file from emails, notes and from memory.


Often times we get so caught up in running the day to day business we forget to do mundane tasks like backing up our financial data. There is a simple solution to this problem… Cloud Computing.

Hosting your Quickbooks file takes your file off of your desktop and puts it on a secure remote desktop online. Some benefits of cloud hosting your Quickbooks file are:

24/7 access to your file from any computer or Ipad

  • Redundant on and offsite incremental backups to ensure your data is always retrievable.
  • Extensive firewalls to protect from intrusion
  • Share your file with your bookkeeper, no need to send files back and forth or be out of your file
  • No added IT costs

All of Accountingprose client files are hosted in the cloud. We include this service in our rate because we believe that our client data should always be available and protected. Although Quickbooks Online is a great product and offers a similar benefit, we think that the full desktop version is the best product out there. Why use a watered down version of Quickbooks when you can use the product that best suits your company’s needs?
While we offer Quickbooks Pro for free, we are able to host other editions at a cost as well. Take a look at other editions we support:

We also integrate SmartVault into our cloud hosted Quickbooks file. What does that mean for you? You always have access to important financial documents when you need them most. You will never have to sift through paper files; all receipts, tax forms and other documents are available for you online.

So, take the plunge and get your Quickbooks file off of your desktop and into the clouds. We know you will be happy that you did.

Cristina Garza | Chief Number Cruncher


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