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Is Bench Bookkeeping Right for You?

Is Bench Bookkeeping Right for You?

  What is Bench Bookkeeping? Bench is a popular online bookkeeping service that works with clients around the U.S., just like us. We often have potential clients call us and ask, “What is the difference between Bench and Accountingprose?” or “Why should I choose... read more
We Love Design Pickle (and they dig us too!)

We Love Design Pickle (and they dig us too!)

Origin Story We started working with Design Pickle in October of 2016 and I remember the day as if it were yesterday…. I was sitting in my favorite coffee shop in Denver, when Russ Perry, founder of Design Pickle, gave me a call. During our call he explained what... read more
What the heck is a Xero Ambassador?

What the heck is a Xero Ambassador?

As you may know I have been on a crazy journey with Xero for the last four years. In 2013, I got a call from Justin Hobbs who implored me to try out Xero, a plea that I ignored (boo!). At the time I was using Quickbooks Desktop, hosted with Right Networks, and was... read more
Happy Trails… Thoughts on XPAC

Happy Trails… Thoughts on XPAC

Just a few years ago I got a call asking me to join XPAC (The Xero Partner Advisory Council). My first thought was… “What the heck is XPAC?”… Boy was I happy when I realized that XPAC is filled with the greatest accountants and industry leaders... read more
January Xero Hour: Making Tax Season Great Again

January Xero Hour: Making Tax Season Great Again

Last night I hosted Xero hour at Xero Denver HQ. In a word, it was tremendous. I saw lots of new faces which excites me because that means more people are interested in changing how they work. I remember when tax season used to make me question why I am an accountant.... read more
Xerocon 2016

Xerocon 2016

I have just returned from Xerocon, an annual gathering of accounting nerds, held in beautiful San Francisco. I am always so excited to hang out with people who are stoked to sit and chat over coffee and dish about what is working/not working in their practice and what... read more
Reblog: How Accounting Firms Can Stay Relevant

Reblog: How Accounting Firms Can Stay Relevant

As seen on Going Concern: Ed. note: We’re pleased to welcome Cristina Garza, Owner and Chief Number Cruncher ofAccountingprose, as a contributor to Going Concern. As a firm owner my... read more

Xero Search is Here!

Have you heard of Xero Search? OMG, it is awesome! Xero released this nifty new feature that will allow you to find information, as quickly as you can type. With Xero Search you can easily access transactions, payables, contacts and more from any screen. Here’s... read more

One Less Headache- Expense Reporting with Dash

I had the pleasure of meeting Ryan Weidenmiller, CEO of Karmic Labs at Xerocon in Denver this year. He and his awesome team at Karmic Labs developed Dash, and I was blown away. Once upon a time, one of the biggest headaches I had to deal with was expense reporting. I... read more

Client Spotlight: Keep It Cut

When is the last time you had a really good haircut? Holy heck, it feels great. When Josh called me up to tell me about his concept of subscription based salon services, I knew he had a winning concept. What greater feeling than to walk in to your neighborhood salon... read more
Xero Bookkeeping in Denver — Happy Happy, Joy Joy

Xero Bookkeeping in Denver — Happy Happy, Joy Joy

Accountingprose, is growing and beginning to enter new markets; we have expanded into Denver, Co and are super excited to get to know the city. This week we invaded coworking spaces, were introduced to so many wonderful people, and traveled by bike throughout the... read more

How to Build Your Dream

Tina, our Chief Number Cruncher, was asked to take part in the Dreambuilder program, sponsored by Freeport McMoran and filmed at Thunderbird School of Global Management, that helps women achieve the dream of small business ownership. Dreambuilder connects women with a... read more

Partner Spotlight: Nicole Pavlik of Forakis Law Firm

Nicole and I met at a networking event more than a year ago. The first thing I noticed about her was her incredible attitude; we laughed our tails off for most of the event and became fast friends. After getting to know her more,I realized that she isn’t your... read more

Client Spotlight: Billie’s Handyman Services, LLC

When Billie Grace walked into my office, I knew I wanted to have her as a client. She came in smiling and laughed during our entire one hour consultation. She truly loves what she does and will win you over in a heartbeat. She is a professional through and through and... read more

Small Business Risk

By Donald Smith Let’s talk about risk. We’re all comfortable with at least some degree of risk in our lives.  We leave our homes in the morning, risking traffic delays and unplanned encounters with other vehicles.  We continue to drive our cars long after the warranty... read more

Client Spotlight — Ken Clark

We are proud to call Ken Clark our client. Not only is he a kick ass Realtor, he is also a really wonderful person. He is instrumental in creating community by running an amazing networking event (check it out) and has taken his love for Arizona one step further by... read more

Growing Pains

Your business has grown to the point where you can’t take care of everything yourself any longer, and your spouse or significant other already has a job. You need to hire someone to handle some of the workload – but what part of the workload, and what kind... read more

End of Year Prep: 1099s and W2s

If there’s one thing small business accountants and bookkeepers dread above all others, it’s January. The flurry of activity required to keep up with day-to-day operations while getting W-2s and 1099s ready to send out, and year-end financial statements…let’s just say... read more

Arizona Payroll Law

As any small business owner can testify, once you’ve grown your business to the point where you need help outside your immediate family, your headaches increase exponentially.  Once you have employees, you have a lot more to worry about.  There are legal requirements... read more

Salesforce and Quickbooks: Making Two Systems Play Nice

We get requests from clients from time to time asking about software or SAAS applications that will work alongside Quickbooks with no extra work. We have recommended, SmartVault and Fishbowl in the past because they are super great and actually help our... read more

Here We Grow Again…

I had a boss/mentor when I was in my early twenties who ran a top notch mortgage company. Of all the business owners I have met over the years, he had to be the sharpest. He ran a tight ship, with a great, dedicated staff and never seemed to make a misstep. I learned... read more

Our Favorite Places to Work and Sip in the Valley

If you are a young entrepreneur or small business owner, then you have probably spent many hours at your favorite local coffee shop brainstorming, creating marketing plans, and envisioning the future of your company. Like us, you’ve consumed copious amounts of... read more

Moving On Up

November brings big changes for Accountingprose. We have upgraded our membership at our co-working space, Cohoots, to accommodate our growing staff. We are really excited about this because this is a big leap. For the past year we have been drop-ins, with no real home... read more

Cristina Garza

I am the luckiest girl around. For the last seven years I have able to nerd out on accounting technology and create standard processes to maximize efficiency and profits for my awesome clients. I take a holistic approach when working with small business owners- looking for solutions and applying technology whenever necessary. As a “Small Business Superhero”, I empower small business owners by enabling them to focus their attention on income generating activities.